Would Campus Masters世界校园大师2021年度大赛全面开启!

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  For the competition proposition,the official website of designverse prevails.Please click阅读原文to sign up.
  “World Campus Masters世界校园大师毕设作品优选计划”(以下简称WCM世界校园大师)由Young Bird Plan嫩鸟计划出品,旨在通过全球青年设计学子的毕业设计作品分享与评比,展现不同地域与文化背景下的当代设计新生力量,鼓励校园的设计原创和设计思维与全球设计行业及产业发展进行正向的对话,将校园毕设作品及设计人才搭接到世界最具影响力的设计平台和最前沿的设计生态圈。
  World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program(short for"WCM Program”)is launched by an international design competition platform Young Bird Plan,and it is committed to recognizing the fresh blood of contemporary design through evaluating graduation designs from global young designers in different regions and cultures.It encourages original design and design thinking in campus to conduct a positive dialogue with global design industry and industrial development,bringing young designers and their graduation works to one of the world's most influential design platform and the cutting-edge design ecosystem.
  Designers who graduated between 2017 and 2021 and major in Architecture,Urban Design,Landcape Design,Interior Design,Product Design,Public Art,etc.are welcome to participate,including undergraduates and post-graduates within 5 calendar years after the current competition launched.In the era of pursuing professional subdivided and transboundary design,WCM Program is committed to creating a display platform that witnesses the evolution of design thinking and gathers the most pioneering ideas.
  本次竞赛评选工作将由80后创始人组成的Super Nova评委团担任,就作品的前瞻性和对当前及未来挑战的应对性进行评分,优选最符合当代年轻人气质和想法的设计作品。Super Nova评委团将拥有增加评选标准的权利。
  The Judging panel for this World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program is the Super Nova Jury comprised of several members who are Generation Y founders.They will evaluate works,based on their perspectiveness and response to current and future challenges,and select the design that best fits the temperament and ideas of contemporary youngers.The Super Nova Jury will have the right to increase the selection criteria.
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